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Almost My Floor: Prologue is the first chapter of an upcoming horror-themed point'n'click adventure, it's include start three locations and 40 minutes of first glimpse into the events of the story.

This is a story of a long way back home. A usual evening turned out to be a dreadful adventure that's one can't simply get out of. An infinite maze of floors and stairways will not let its prey escape unscathed. All that dwells inside exists between fiction and the reality. It is time to face the monsters of your subconsciousness, meet the other house residents and determine their fate. But the most important thing is to escape the depths of terror... and try to remain sane afterwards.

  • Classic horror-themed 2D-adventure
  • Player's choices influence the story and its ending
  • Detailed locations and characters drawn in comic book artstyle
  • Interesting puzzles that will keep you thinking for a short while
  • Death awaits at every corner
  • Monsters will keep living on in your nightmares


Almost My Floor Prologue.rar 152 MB


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The first thing that stands out here is how gorgeous the artwork is. The characters, the backgrounds, the hideous entities trying to rip out your soul... all beautiful! Stunning work there!

The puzzles are fun too, the difficulty level is not too taxing on the old noggin, which is appreciated. It's a good mixture of thinking puzzles and using conversations and items to advance the story.

There are also some quick-time events, which can catch you off-guard but are well-done! It's nice to see a game utilise a varied amount of gameplay mechanics without it being overwhelming.

The story itself is shaping up to be quite intriguing too, with lots of little hints at what might be going on but no definitive answers thrown our way quite yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this!

Masha be THICCC tho... that is all. Watch till the end for some EXTRA THICCness.

Skip the intro at 2:19. The game was hard to do edits on.


The art work is absolutely beautiful !, I hope you'll go deeper wih the horror theme and make us a "boss" level with a fun mechanic

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It looks captivating and nostalgic, like a throwback to the nineties, (Go Team Gen. Y!!) but a touch depressing. The promotional screenshots hardly fill one's heart with promise; presumably, the pickup artistry will be difficult here, if even possible, which is a troubling thought, considering how few (of the countless) games there are out there on the market that actually teach seduction skills effectively, against the mass of media which reduces the art to absurdity in a mean-spirited and Juvenalian way. (It would be well and good in a Kierkegaardian sense, of course, except that when Kierkegaard writes the Seducer's Diary his protagonist is fairly effective in his craft, and this makes the moral critique that follows that much more brilliant and, let's face it: our Generation doesn't exactly follow the precepts of the "Ethical Life" to such an extent that it would become miraculously qualified in judging Don Giovanni to be a pervert or deviant.) That being said: aside from the game apparently falling short of perfection in both the aesthetic and the ethical domains, (though perhaps this is simply an illusion owing to a fluke in marketing) it seems to tread the line between the two Worlds with a certain pomp and confidence: a fitting endeavour for a theme that blurs the lines between This World and the Hereafter. You have my attention.



Is this satire?

They are very smart.


Amazing game dev  i'm excited for the full version :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 


Got to say, really nice work.